Wear The Mask. A poem by Arthur Farrell

I could not see it,
But it was there,
Floating in the morning air,
Seeking victims everywhere

On I walked, mask in place,
Nobody will recognise my face,
Breathing in fresh sea air,
5km to go, I will get there

I see the people on the beach,
Not wearing any masks,
What fools they be,
Not caring about C 19

But care they will,
With sad regret,
When someone dear,
Is laid to rest

Don’t let it happen,
Of you I ask,
To make your family,
Wear the mask

[May 21 2020]


My name is Arthur Farrell, I’m 87 yrs young and live in Dublin. I have been writing music, songs and poetry for enjoyment most of my life.

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  1. Fabulous ❤️

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