Self-Isolation – Alter Ego. A poem by Sue Kinsella

I hate to self-isolate – so blah. A chat, entertainment – in this time of modern warfare, that’s what I need. I will call to your house, my party friend, put you at ease. Ring the bell, invite myself in. We shall tear up the boredom together. Your elderly father and young daughters must feel so frightened. Offer me a seat, I will lean in for a chat, hold their hands tight. Watch while I natter about how good it feels to be well. Laugh out loud. Wipe the tears from my eyes. Put my hand to my mouth – bl ock a silly persistent cough. I’m in that healthy category don ’t you know. ‘And oh God,’ I’ll say, ‘ha don’t make me laugh again.’ I won’t be contained. ‘Did you hear? Those people down the road fell over each-other quite literally. Corona germ spreaders to their neighbours. Is it a bit cold?’ I’ll ask. ‘Hazmat suits along our strip – did you ever think? Oh, those poor, wonderful, hospital staff – how could they be so reckless?’ Then wipe the angry spittle from my lip. Later, I’ll leave your home, reluctant; when you say in a low, strangely stern voice, ‘You’ll have to go. I have to entertain the kids’. As health staff fall; floating stones – swollen with viral overload. I consider how I will have to step on each one to reach recovery when my time comes. Then I – as I am fragile – did I mention?
I who was saved will close myself in. Wash my hands clean.


  1. Fantastic Sue. Beautifully executed, well done, Liz

    1. Thank you Liz. Appreciate your kind words. x

    2. Nice one sue

      1. Thank you Anne x

  2. What can I say? Haunting, scary, touching, beautiful.

  3. Beautiful Sue xxxx

    1. Debbie, thank you. x

    2. Cheers Trish x

  4. Sue, fantastic, love it. What talent sis. A x

    1. Thank you lovely sis x

  5. Very few people could pen something so good. Well done

    1. Cheers Mark x

  6. really really brilliant.

  7. This is a beautiful poem about the situation we are in, but with a very different story. Nicely articulated and a great message as well.

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