There will be Time. A poem by Conor Lanigan in Primary School

There will be time for everything
Things we can’t do right now.
For this will end eventually,
Be happy, do not frown.

There is time for Confirmation,
To become part of the Church.
To receive the Holy Spirit
And His treasures for which you search.

There is plenty of time for sports,
Football, hurling, rounders too.
For now though, train in your garden,
Practice some skills; just a few.

There will be time for ‘Back to School’,
Whenever it may be.
Will we be back in 6th class
Or move on to secondary?

There will be time for loved ones,
We WILL see them again.
But ring, facetime or write to them,
By i-phone or by pen.

There will be time for everything.
Now, enjoy your time at home
Family walks and board games
You are not alone.


Conor is in 6th class in St. Patrick’s N.S. in Celbridge. He wrote this poem for poetry day 2020.


  1. Fabulous! Such a thoughtful poem. Well done Conor!

    1. I enjoyed your poem Conor, thoughtful and full of hope. Keep writing and when things are back to “normal” keep writing.

  2. A beautiful poem, full of hope and promise. Well done Conor!

  3. Wow Conor – you should be very proud 🙂

  4. Super Conor! Keep up the good work!

  5. I miss reading your poems and stories. Well done Conor! You should be very proud of yourself!

  6. Well done Conor!

  7. Excellent

  8. Very well written Mr Lanigan.

  9. Beautiful poem

  10. Conor, I love your poem! I have tried to convince my mostly older adult friends of just what you have said. We still have constructive and fun things to do with our pandemic time. If we have patience and do what we need to do, this time will end. I guess it’s better said in poetry:)

  11. Very sweet poem. I wish more people in the Not-So-United-States shared Conor’s sensibility.

  12. Very sweet poem. I wish more people in the Not-So-United-States shared Conor’s sensibility. He expresses a very sense of time.

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