This is not a literary magazine as you might know it; we’re not here to showcase the finest writing (though there is, and will be great examples of this too) – there are plenty of places to go for that. We’re here to document this time together – so we welcome both established authors and unpublished writers. This is a place to come to write it all down, from how you’re feeling going to the shops, to an epiphany you have about community, to how you’re worried about your roots showing over these coming weeks and months – humour is welcome, along with giving voice to your anxieties. Send us your journal entry, your flash fiction, your story, send us a moment you had in the kitchen, or a phone call you made to an old friend. Just send us your truthful words, and we can read what’s going on with you, wherever you are in the world.

Irish Poetry Reading Archive (IPRA)

Pendemic is working with the Irish Poetry Reading Archive at UCD Library to preserve all work submitted to this site.  Your work will be preserved in this archive which is located in UCD Special Collections, and may be made available digitally by UCD in the future. More information about this archive and the benefits of curating and preserving this material for future generations is available here.

Notes on Submissions

  • Please avoid sending us scientific/medical writing about the disease as we don’t have the skills in-house to verify your work.
  • Submissions deemed offensive, incitement to hatred, or potentially libelous will not be published.
  • While we welcome multiple submissions from the same author and have created tags to link work, we have to cap the number of submissions to ensure every voice is heard.
  • Submissions are published as received, so please send us your final draft as we don’t have the resources to correct typos or tweak work once published.
  • As Pendemic is not an edited literary platform, we do not give feedback nor enter into correspondence.

This site is a work in progress, a collaborative effort – we’ll see where it takes us. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas.

Thank you, and stay safe,

Joy Redmond

Liz Quirke

Niall McArdle

Ruth McKee

Update midnight 10/08/2020

Submissions are now closed. Please read our statement here, thanks for your words in terms of submissions, comments, tweets, and correspondence. Feel free to browse this rich archive that documented our lives during the pandemic.