Uncomfortably Numb. A poem by Kai A Gaitley

We said it couldn’t happen and Americans weren’t that dumb,
But now we’re so abused that we’re uncomfortably numb.
We thought that they’d know better than put checks against his name,
But we didn’t know that Putin had a way to rig the game.
From minute one he’s lied while making liars of the press
And his army of enablers have made just as big a mess,
His senior advisor seems impervious to stress and
Her relationship with facts is three card monte more or less.
A never-ending fight to render truth a moving feast,
Was won by Fox’s talking, shitting, multi-headed beast.
It’s hard to dodge the spotlight when your facts are so untrue,
But they’re easy to dismiss if its opinions that you do.
Their trade is rabble rousing, it’s not giving you the news;
Their basic task is sharing all those controversial views, that
They craft with care to stoke the public with the shortest fuse.
It doesn’t matter who they’re hating; liberals, blacks or Jews.
They talk him up and back him when he sings their favourite song
Conveniently forgetting all the times that he’s been wrong.
They said that he’d be chastened and his worst instincts curtailed
But he’s out there spouting nonsense and stupidity’s prevailed.
Whether popping pills untested or advocating drinking bleach,
Our common shared reality is now simply out of reach.
When you’re making up the law to fit the ramblings of a crank,
We’re a million miles away from being a unionist or Yank.
Every arm of Government is now a world-class spin machine;
It’s no longer there for you no matter which way you might lean,
And red and blue all look the same when green is there to glean,
But the truth is even crazier than Memo 618.

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