Doing Time. A poem by Thomas Fahey

A canal stroll on a lovely day
It’s like a day release
From doing time in the jail called Covid-19
Keep in mind the social distance
Don’t screw it up, Don’t spoil it,
Don’t upset your nature scene
Negligence you will pay
With more time in Covid-19
The daily stats continue to grow each day
More deaths, more cases
More blame, more of the same
Prime Ministers and Presidents,
Potent and Petulant
No sign of them! – doing time
in the colditz of Covid-19
Anyway, I can’t change these leaders known
These leaders who lead us into the unknown
Social Media, like to pick a big old bone
Ignore what I can’t change
In these times so strange
Take my pleasure in my day release
Make me feel alive, a revived human being
My Time is Happy Time, now,
While Doing Time, in Covid-19.


Retired Soldier

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