To the Martyrs and We will triumph. Two poems by S. Rupsha Mitra

To the Martyrs

Martyrs marching forward,
Masked as we all are in this muted world, filed with incertitude
But they are dealing everyday,
With all perils, not arrested by the uncertainty,
Not bowed down by complaints,
Strewn are perils all around,
Yet they work, day and night –
In strength, blooming flowers of hope, in our fearful souls,
Fearless, in armours of masks and latex gloves,
Fighting, fighting and winning the battle –
To all the doctors, the healthcare workers, the police, and everyone
Who undaunted, are keeping this disquiet world alive,
Who are kindling the candelabra of life-light,
Who are unburdening us from the pall of pain,
Who are planting seeds of vitality in the barren lands,
This poesy, for the true heroes.

We will triumph

Let the silence prevail
Let us embrace the world inside
Let us admire the lovely bonds
of kinship in our lives.
Let us seek divinity in the quiet.
Let us be together in this kenopsia
Let us introspect,
unite and
open the doors of our hearts
Let us assure ourselves,
we can triumph over this battle.


S.Rupsha Mitra is a student from India. She loves writing poetry and flash fiction.

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