Rivers Run into the Sea, Tree Preservation Orders and Covid Elegy. Poetry by Darren Hood

Rivers Run into the Sea

Rivers ebb and flow
Seas crash and gales blow
The pattern of life is coming and going
But the rivers, they just keep flowing
It’s the way it will always be
Rivers run into the sea

Hearts can sometimes feel fallow
And rivers can look shallow
But still waters can run very deep
Hearbeats continue while we sleep
Things may seem to be in decline
But strength and growth is thine

Please, look up and look down
Feel the breeze from foot to crown
Now is not the time to fret
Life is not about regret
A secret from you to me
The rivers do run into the sea…

Tree Preservation Orders

It’s a time of talks
And country walks
So, if you please
Let’s save the shade of trees

To destroy root and branch
It makes me blanch
You must be drunk
To chop a trunk

Let’s all be gener-ous
Only lop if dead, dying or danger-ous
Leaf, bark and ring
A muckle tree, makes you sing

Don’t be afraid
Embrace its shade
But ultimately, it’s up to you
As the Australian’s say Kumburu!

Covid Elegy

Why the serious reflection?
This indescriminate infection!
I am in disbelief
Just cannot fathom the unremitting and inconsolable grief

I cannot watch the news
The opinions and blasé views
If one life is lost
It’s humanity’s ultimate cost

But the human spirit will rise and drop the mourning veil
Compassion and empathy will ultimately prevail
With spirit effervescent and urbane
Beings tall, indomitable, humane



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