The Second Wave. A poem by The Second Wave

We had been warned
about a second wave
but instead of people it was
the economy they tried to save.

Lives became statistics
and were soon expendable
once they figured out
the numbers could be amendable.

They reopened society
despite the many warnings
telling everyone it was alright
to go to work in the morning.

Bars were allowed to reopen
so thirsty patrons could have a beer.
the one condition being
no one was allowed to stand near.

The attention span
of people had been reached,
now there was no point
in trying to inform or teach.

The younger generation
believe they are immune
while scientists say the restrictions
were lifted too soon.

The clock is ticking
and winter is coming,
one by one countries
will begin succumbing

to this virus
which has never gone away,
it was just waiting for people
to come back out and play.


Pat Doran is from Enniscorthy Co. Wexford. He has published four collections of poetry in the last three years. Find out more on

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