Corona versus Survival. A poem by Tess Larkin

Corona you have invaded my abode.
As you stealthily invade and trample our world.
Corona can we survive simultaneously?
As you strive to exist and eliminate
Our basic needs!
The air we breathe
The water which lubricates us
The food which sustains us
The sleep which regenerates us
Corona you strive
To steal our livelihoods
To destabilise our economy
To disrupt our educational system.
Corona you strive To alter our socialisation process.
Corona you strive
To unbalance our psychological
Steering And disarm our mental compass
Corona you strive to deprive us of a sense of belonging
And threaten our self-esteem and creativity.
Corona you strive to
Invade our ability to self-actualise
And reach our full potential.
Corona you have invaded our world
Thrown down your gauntlet
Corona we accept the challenge
Our commander in charge Is Abraham Maslow
As we activate his hierarchy of human needs
To inspire and regenerate our spirit
To conquer and eliminate you COVID_19

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  1. Tess, I sense Mr. Maslow just smiled from his grave at the level of powerful confrontation you placed right in the face of Corona.Very well crafted. Cheers,Frank. [love to Marion]

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