Something in the Air. A poem by Edward Mackinnon

There’s something in the air
The world as we know it may be coming to an end
Our leaders are holding up a clean pair of hands
We can now spend more time at home,
taking advantage of cheap oil
Change is the law of life
Stock markets are re-writing history
The street markets are closed
But, as it must, the show is undoubtedly going on
Nothing has really changed
Dogs are still social animals
In the distance we can still see horses and sheep
There’s something in the air,
something that’s making the air cleaner
Fortunately we know how to adapt to change
Workers are getting ever closer to one another,
not quite embracing
but masking their inhibitions
War games have been scaled down somewhat
Liberation theology is making a comeback
Everything’s changing
Things will never be the same again
Hope is in the air
It’s refusing to be locked down
Afterwards, if we’re not careful,
it’ll be one big party
If we’re lucky we’ll breathe again


Edward Mackinnon has worked as a translator in the Netherlands and France. He has had four poetry collections published by Shoestring Press (Nottingham, UK), the latest of which is ‘The Storm Called Progress” (2018).

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