Coronavirus and panic buying. Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Coronavirus wild

Where did this nightmarish vial come from?
Is this a chemical warfare or a mistake?
Killing multitudes innocents to the tomb.

Marching microscopic ranks too soon,
Deathlike equaliser bringing ruins,
Sweeping nations to wake up call doom.

The enormity of death difficult to trace,
The source is hard to pinpoint its face,
Invading bodies that is beyond any case.

The irrational pandemonium out of control,
The masses afraid, humanity as whole,
Dreading the consequences left in cold.

Money thrown in research to find vaccines,
Overthrow this contagious disease in tactics,
Isolated in homes and hospitals raging in.

The hunger and jealousy erupting in greed,
With evil intentions borne by bestial breed,
Scientists skill victimised with hatred feed.

A strange enigma with a mysterious style,
Anywhere in the globe through air spikes,
Ae rial or grounded virus free in dirty wild.

Incognito immoral in an inner sanctum,
Party forums invade countries momentum,
In situations that have lost all sane decorum.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur ©® March 2020.

( coronavirus effect)

Streets are vacant but cars are speeding,
Empty parks are filled with children playing,
Despite a lockdown and all warnings,
Lines on takeaway and food stores increasing.

When after long wait you enter the supermarket,
The shelves stretch bleak without a target,
Customers play hide and seek in panic buy,
But many goods vanish picked by the sly.

No one seems shy with hunger on rise,
Old citizens are given preference as wise,
No slots available for delivery at home,
People plan to hoard for many years ahead.

The future fall out of lives blowing in the wind,
Hysteria hygiene has increased load of bins,
With tissues, wipes and masks intact,
Skin-tight gloves, increasing bug is a fact.

Hoarders of the world, please take a breath,
Cluttering homes is not healthy for hearth,
Clutch ers of the world don’t be overwrought,
Gloom of doomsday leaves one fraught.

Let’s relax and let reason put a balm,
Let rasping gasps of anguish be calm,
Take all precautions and simmer down,
Panic and stress will increase frowns.

Times of crisis is the challenge of era,
Dealing with it with caution is call of humanity,
Much can be done with selfless activity,
Distancing oneself and putting faith in divinity.


Jyotirmaya Thakur( retired vice Principal) is the author of twenty books, Multi-genre award-winning poet, book reviewer, columnist, editor, literary & social researcher. World Poet Laureate, Living legend of 21st century, Peace Icon and HPAW Ambassador of Humanity and Universal Ambassador of Art and culture by WUAC, Bolivia approved by UNICEF. She is the first Indian poet to be published by RVAW Publications, UK and her poems are showcased by the Wolf International Poetry Exhibition group of UK. She serves on various prestigious Committees in many parts of the world and has membership of many associations and writes for international magazines. She has been featured as “A Woman of Essence ” by Dotism Journal, Australia and “Woman of Excellence “by the World Pictorial Poetry forum, Daman. ‘ A Living legend of the 21st century by the International Ocean News, Bari, Italy. Diploma of honour by International Press Agency of Barcelona, Spain. Her poems have been translated in 27 international languages.

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