Awake to Zzz. A poem by Nicolette C

Awake alive and ready to go
Believe the road is full of promise
Caress the wind blowing on my face
Deny that the journey is no place.

Evolve each day to do the best
Face the storm with full force
Gales so fast I almost fall
Home at last I made it back.

Ignite the fire shining bright
Jealous of the roaring wood
Kindling burning furious and wild
Longing for that raging hell.

Memories of a distant past
Not that long ago I fear
Observing how things slowly change
Perfectly flowing gently growing.

Quietly passing in yesteryear
Resting as the body slows
Spirit takes over the soul
Trusting releasing flowing grows.

Unseen to human eyes
Visions do not seem real
Wisdom of another world
Xylophone music in my head
Yesterday was only a dream
Zzz sleep I must and so to bed.

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