O to be a Swallow. A poem by Chaucer Cameron

O to be a Swallow
after Dru Marland

Leylandii by the sewage station – suddenly the focus
of great flocks of martins, swallows, bumbles the size of bees.

Wires across the water – thin power lines of buzz and viruses
that almost serenade an ear but stall instead on every human tongue.

This small and subdued exercise – one walk of the day
O to be a swallow, O to be the focus of a green and grand Leylandii.


Chaucer’s poetry has been published in journals, magazines and anthologies, including: The North 63 (2020), I am Not a Silent Poet (2019) Other writing and performance include, Ledbury Poetry Festival combining British Sign Language poetry and video poetry (2017) Chaucer is creator of Wild Whispers (2018) an international poetry film project, and regularly curates and presents poetry film at events and festivals, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, in Berlin (2019) Athens Poetry Festival (2019) Her work can be found here.

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