Growing Up at Home. A poem by Fin Brennan

Elephants never forget
People remember things well tooWe all know those who have grown through the rough
We all know ourselves when we have grown through the rough

For the first time in a long time
We are all growing up together
At home

Some people have grown day by day
Some people have grown month by month

I feel bad for other people
I feel sorry for myself sometimes
But I try not to
Woe is not me
Woe is all of us

I am a lucky bunny
I rub my feet daily in fact

Life is what you make it
Excuse me while I grate some cheese on my already amazing life

We are all growing up at home
Whether or not our backs hurt when this ends eventually
It is all up to the individual

I am an amateur writer. I like to write and be creative. Follow me on Twitter @FinBrennan

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