My Covid 19. A poem by Chris O’Donnell

A virus called covid-19, has developed a life of its own,
Now most of us are locked in our homes alone,
Asked by those now in power, to isolate,
Lest we catch this thing and seal our own fate,
People on the internet offering all kinds of aid,
To those in need and they’re not getting paid,
As I look out my window at the flowers and the birds,
There are young ones driving by, on quads in herds,
Who knows why they refuse to isolate,
Why they help this thing spread until it’s too late,
To each other they pass it, while they’re coming and going,
People dying in thousands, in beds all alone,
But no amount of asking will keep these young ones at bay,
They are invincible, no matter what we try say,
Sulkies and ponies pulling traps on the road,
Three or four young fellas is the poor ponies load,
But the pony will survive covid-19, he will live,
While these young one’s the virus, to each other will give,
And carry it home to family or a friend,
Soon after that, for most it’s the end,
A virus has taken hold of our lives one and all,
Before it kills us, Stupidity will finish us all,
While some could care more and more could care less,
It is ignorance that will find us all in a mess,
So, ride on your bikes and quads and such,
But ask yourselves what price is too much,
When parents and relatives have taken their last breath,
Is it your dinner you will miss when surrounded by death?


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