I wish I was on that M 17. A poem by Sally McHugh

Stopped by a guard
on the M seventeen
The purpose of your journey?
(He looked no more than a teen)

Straight out of Templemore
thrown in the deep end
‘Delivering Easter eggs to Granny’
(I only saw him on turning the bend)

I’m afraid I may have to fine you
two thousand five hundred euro
‘Here, keep the Maltesers and Galaxy
share with the lads in the bureau’

Now I couldn’t do that
don’t you know it’s a bribe?
But I’ll give you one chance
so head home now to your tribe

With no other option
I join the back-to-city queue
I rip the foil off the Twix and Crunchie
(Happy Easter to you too)

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  1. At least the young Garda (whether from Cork or Donegal ) knew about the Tribes!! Great line!

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