Covid 19, a journal entry by Deirdre Grimes

Covid 19 Isn’t having much impact on my life to be honest. The kids are at home which means lots of walks in the sun or under clouds, in this part of the countryside, all is at peace. The children love to see the lambs and imitate their ‘baa’s’, having a conversation with them. This afternoon some cows walked across their field, keeping time with our steps on the road, the kids thought it strange. I love listening in on their conversations, still so naive and innocent, not yet all knowing teens.
There is a certain looseness to the days now. I rarely know what time it is and keep starting dinner late by accident and leaving everyone hungry when we reach our normal dinner time.
I miss my family though. Before this I would have seen my parents on a daily basis, each visit ended by the much needed hug or kiss. I never realised how much I took that for granted.
It has affected some more than others of course, my brother in law and his girlfriend had to cancel a wedding we were all looking forward to attending in Lanzarote, heart breaking for them.
When all this is over and we return to some version of normality, I will hug and kiss my parents and siblings, my children will return to the school playground and laughter will ring out once more and we will all appreciate what a gift companionship is.
Deirdre is a sculptor and poet based in Killaloe, Co. Clare. She has been published in Crannog, the Creel and others.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this,Deirdre. So gentle initially but reminding us of the loss of touch,the hugs and kisses,that we are so missing! Glad to have been inspiring! In truth,it was Mike Durack’s Villanelle that inspired me ! Happy Easter to you and your family.

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