Alone and A walk in the park. Two poems by Michele Long


I am alone
Alone I walk
Alone I walk
this path

There are people out there
My family are out there
My friends are out there
Yet I am alone on
this path

Funny thing is
It’s not much different to
how I feel when there is no reason
to feel this way

A walk in the park

Lap 1
Bluebells… bench…boxer dog
Avoid jogger
Dandelion…daisies…jack russell rolling on his back
Avoid children on their bikes
My favourite tree
Shady part.. narrow footpath
Avoid everyone
Abandoned playground
Home stretch.. sunshine again

Lap 2
Bird song… buttercups…bench
Wild area
Kids on scooters
My favourite tree
Shady part…nettles
Avoid everyone
Abandoned playground…grass overgrown
Home stretch, nearly there

Lap 3
Old person… Should they be out?
A dad throwing a ball to his son
A Happy Dog
A Sad person
Shady part… narrow footpath…
Avoid everyone

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