A New Spring. A poem by Phil Lynch

Early buds birth their first leaves,
cocky crows guard half-built nests
on the tops of trees still bare,
small birds rest a while to sing
and preen themselves in peace.

There is a quietness, not quite a silence,
that none can fully comprehend,
it brings solitude and clarity
to the lives of many, even in the face
of an undiscriminating reality.

Clearer water flows in the stream
at the bottom of the hill,
there is a quiver to the breeze
which blows mist in from the sea
to cleanse the air of pain.


Phil Lynch’s poems have appeared in a range of literary mags and anthologies. His collection: In a Changing Light was published by Salmon Poetry in 2016. More info at https://salmonpoetry.com/details.php?ID=394&a=284

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