St Patrick’s Day 2020. A poem by Sandra Behan

From a little town in Meath on this Emerald isle,
The land of my birth, so proud to be Irish,
To wake this morning with a heavy heart,
To take a deep breath to listen to the whispers of home.
No welcome for the stranger on Ireland’s green sod

I grew up to walk freely
To intense emotion
Of patriot devotion,
To sounds of traditional music from an Irishman’s heart.
The shamrock opens her leaves with pride,
Children paint pictures to hang in their windows
Bright green bunting they thread in chains
Show us the shamrock where the wreath is not
Deep forebodings, scared and frightened
Laugh, sing, be kind in these darkest times,
The shamrock will bring us luck
Proud Irish friends pull together to lift the shadow that threatens our Island of Ireland.


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