When I am a Neighbour Again. A poem by Jennifer A. McGowan

I will never forget the time of day,
or to make way for the infirm on the staircase.

When I am a neighbour again
I will know everyone by their first names.
And pronounce them correctly.

When I am a neighbour again
I will rejoice in others’ improvements,
and if their music is too loud,
I will go for a long, long walk.

I will share the care of wild birds.
I will honor every life equally,
no matter the size of it; we will
have game days and street parties,
for which I will cook. And when
I go, I will at last be described
as “good people.”

Jennifer A. McGowan is the winner of the Prole pamphlet competition 2019. Her pamphlet, *Still Lives with Apocalypse*, will be out shortly.


  1. Just simply so spot on.

  2. The things might have taken for granted. Great poem.

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