After the Plague. A poem by Edward Mackinnon

Will sharp-suited men still shake hands
on their private deals
Will we hesitate to kiss another’s cheeks
or even in suppressed lust their lips
Will the air we breathe stay cleaner
or will sordid fires be stoked again
Will rich pickings and the poor
continue to be concealed
Will statistics have to be doctored
Will we have to choose
between welfare and warfare
Will we simply rebuild
or will a tower of untruth
rise unopposed to the heavens
Will empathy be trumped by meanness
Will we have to weather new storms
Will the rivers darken again
Will the world be immune to hunger
Will charlatans cure us of hope?
Edward Mackinnon has worked as a translator in the Netherlands and France. He has had four poetry collections published by Shoestring Press (Nottingham, UK), the latest of which is ‘The Storm Called Progress” (2018).

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