What a Scene! A poem by Aeveen Kirby

When you are pedalling hard and running out of steam
When your housemates won’t tidy and you want to scream
When your mood swings resemble that of a teen
When you are so uptight you say something mean
When you’ve asked for decaf and they give you caffeine
When you’ve pulled all the weeds and your hands have turned green
When ambiguity is normal and everyday brings a new scene
When those living under the same roof have to work as a team
When light relief comes in the form of a meme
When you’re deciding your strategy on whether to go fat or go lean
Don’t panic, don’t worry, don’t fall apart at the seams
For you are slap bang in the middle of COVID-19
Change is ripping though like a laser beam
And what the world will look like after remains to be seen
So onwards we march and say goodbye to routine
As we stare at our TV’s, phones and all other screens
Awaiting updates of miracle vaccines
Or some guarantee that we can all safely convene
And step beyond this reality that seems like a dream
Till then we sit tight, not caring to preen
And pull on our tracksuit and kick off our jeans
Open a book or two if you are keen
And enjoy home cooking instead of haute cuisine


Irish lady sitting out the pandemic in Sydney…..sure, it could be worse

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