Warp. Poetry by Ieske Poppers

And so we cant be sure of the day of the week
Or the time of day
Or the reason we got out of bedBut we can look at the sky
To remind us that we all stand under it
At the same time, in different time zones

In a world we could never have imagined
in January

When we looked at the relentless rain
And planned for brighter days ahead
To get us through

Now, in a time warp
we cant think ahead too far
for fear of the fear of what may lie ahead
taking us over

Stay in the moment, they say
momentarily stay
suspended in solitude

Catch the morning light as it filters
through the window
Or is it the evening?
Either way, the light is still there.

Ieske Poppers lives in Galway city and works as a Special Needs Assistant. She has an English degree from NUIG and has been writing for the past four years. She writes poetry, short fiction and short memoir pieces and her work has previously been published in Skylight 47.

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  1. My favourite one so far. So good.

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