Today by Michael Burke

Today I saw your face, as you gave birth to me.
I waited nine long months, for you to set me free.
You held me in your arms, and hugged me tenderly.
I knew then, I was safe, as you watched me, lovingly.
We held each other tightly, never to be apart.
Two souls, joined as one, right from the start.
You guided me through life, as I grew to be a man.
Loving me more each day, as only a mother can.

Today I held your hand, as I sat by your side.
I knew our time was short, so I bent my head and cried.
You never showed your pain, as you waited for God’s call.
You just stared into my eyes, with a love that said it all.
I felt your Spirit leaving, as I held your hand in mine.
My whole world was crumbling, as I heard you say, ‘It’s fine’.
You drifted high above me, and waved to all below.
Leaving precious memories, wrapped in a loving bow.

Today I held your photo, and kissed your smiling face.
I listened for your heartbeat, but couldn’t find a trace.
I whispered in your ear, and awaited your reply.
I thought I heard you say, ‘There is no goodbye’.
Home is where the heart is, I’ve often heard you say.
But how can I survive, when you’re not with me today.
You told me that you walk, along every path I take.
And comfort me in dreams, to soothe my heartache.

Today I let you go, and watched you fly away.
I broke the chains of grief, that had forced you to stay.
It was the hardest thing, that I’ve ever had to do.
As I whispered through my tears, I….Love….You.
I see your face in every cloud, showering love down on me.
And hear your voice on every breeze, that blows across the sea.
I feel your arms embrace me, through the loneliness of night.
And sense your Spirit surround me, as you guide me towards the Light.

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