Today and Survival Strategies. Two poems by Barbara Pape

I don’t mind being a day older than yesterday
I love the green leaves on the trees looking
Silver in the sun, birds are singing
Listening to a Beethoven Piano sonata
I am feeling good
When I Skype with my daughters and
When we are all fine and
No virus has grabbed us
I don’t think of tomorrow
No future planning
Just breathe the air

Survival Strategies

I’m listening to Christmas songs
I don’t read the newspaper. Instead
I read “The Plage” by Camus
I feel calm and free and relaxed

Keeping distance from a
Handful of people
Only a few are going for a walk
Some with dogs

The village is deserted
Two couples sitting on different benches
We find one bench in the sun
For ourselves


Barbara Pape (75) lives in Taegerwilen-Gottlieben / Switzerland on the German border which is closed for the time being because of Covid 19 – the Germans believe that the danger comes from Switzerland and the Swiss believe that the danger comes from Germany.

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