Manhattan ER. A poem by Ronald Tobey

Trees of Fifth Avenue
retreat to diminishing view
of my ambulance’s rear window
wailing sirens screeching horns blot
at Manhattan’s many crosswalks
the driver’s urgent talk
gurney’s jostle forgot
I fade into the surgeons’ hands
her nitrile gloves plastic goggles N95 mask.


Ron Tobey grew up in north New Hampshire, USA, and attended the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He has lived in Ithaca NY, Pittsburgh PA, Riverside CA, Berkeley CA, and London UK. He and his wife live in West Virginia, where they raise cattle and keep goats and horses. Ron writes, reflecting personal experience, imagistic poetry of places, moods, and the worlds of work. His poems have appeared in Constellate (UK), Prometheus Dreaming, Fishbowl Press Poetry (featured poet of the month), Truly U Review, Nymphs, Line Rider Press, Bonnie’s Crew (UK), Broadkill Review, The Cabinet of Heed (UK), The Failure Baler (UK), Pendemic (Ireland), and the print anthology Prometheus Unbound (David van den Berg, editor, 2020). Poems are forthcoming in Better Than Starbucks, Truly U Review, 3 Moon (Canada), Line Rider Press, Detritus, and Variant Literature. Twitter handle @Turin54024117

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