To be or not to be a Cocooner and Grumpy Covid Morning. Two poems by Mary O’Connor

To be or not to be a Cocooner

Eat, sleep and sanitize
Maybe, I could disguise
Escape, up and out
Without a shout
Quietly with mask intact.
Could I possibly be tracked?

No hugs, no hands,
No hugs, no laughs.
Three score years and ten
Now living like a cooped-up hen!

Everywhere dogs abound,
Wish I was a hound.
“Get out your knittin’ and your stitchin’.”
“Be good, do as you are bidden.”
“Lock the door, go out no more.”

What’s left to do – be wise
Eat, sleep and sanitize.

Grumpy Covid Morning

From the moment I woke
Like a pig in a poke!
“Where’s this? Where’s that?”
Phone not where I sat
No one to show
All that cleaning
All that preening.
All alone
All at home.
Then, off to the pier
Better than a beer
Dun Laoghaire, I love you
I give a loud cheer!

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