Thoughts. A poem by Hannah Carberry

Obey us.
We are you.
Threat looming.
It’s real.
Watch out.
Can’t stop it.
You must.
If you don’t.
This will happen.
Can’t escape.
Always here.
No matter.
Will I?
Should I?
Will he?
Could she?
Watch news.
Just to check.
Death tolls.
No vaccine.
Next year.
Streets dead.
Jobs lost.
Gigs cancelled.
Lives halted.
Stay in.
Wash hands.
Twenty seconds.
You must.
If you don’t.
Loved ones die.
When it’s over.
Worst recession since.
Can’t cope.
Switch it off.
Distract yourself.
Think positive.
Take a breath.
Go for walk.
You’re okay now.
Go to bed.
Early night.
But can’t sleep.
Still looming.
Can’t escape.
Mind floods.
World slips.
Hands shake.
Chest tightens.
Mouth dry.
Throat shut.


Hannah Carberry is a writer from Waterford. Her work mainly consists of short plays which have been staged by amateur drama groups in Waterford and Cork. She recently finished up her Masters in Playwriting & Dramaturgy in NUI Galway. She also regularly takes part in the Modwords spoken word movement in Waterford.

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