Not Just Yet and Tin whistle. Two poems by Rosie Barrett

Not Just Yet

Pretty soon, but not just yet
We’ll be down to the gesiers
the pate de fois gras –
probably not actually goose
but duck. (Is that better? Less cruel?)

Then there are all the worthy tins –
the chick peas. All those beans…
And in the dry goods – black beans,
barley, broth mix?, good for soup
all of them but it’s just turned
sunny for April.

Really not a problem.
We’ll work through the pantry
first set up in 1985
for the end of the world
when we lived near Molesworth.

Tin whistle

in a pot
on the windowsill.

E Flat
M & Co
Perfect tune.

Great Uncle Norman
played it
at The Hardwick
his father’s farm.

Born 1900
Died 1919
The last time the world shut down.


Rosie Barrett lives in Devon and is a very happy member of Poets Abroad with only a connection to Ireland via her children and the wonderful sailing on the West Coast. She is part of a 6 woman Anthology published last year ‘Called to the Edge’ available here.  She’s been published in Tasmania! and in the US as well as the UK.


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