The Storm and the Sunshine. A poem by Douglas Karson

Sometimes when I sit in the sunshine I forget there’s a wild storm raging
Where people are fighting
And loosing
And grieving
But then the spring hits
And can’t help but smile
And listen to the birds
And the laughter of children
And the turning of the world
But the storm keeps raging
In brightly lit florescent rooms
Where brave people
In insufficient gear
Battle an enemy who is cryptic
And unseen
They brave the storm in their paddle boats
And fishing boats
To save those stranded in need

Sitting in the sunshine
I sometimes forget the storm
But I always remember those brave people
Who haven’t seen their families in weeks
Who haven’t had a hug
Who face grisly death every day
And keep fighting
And keep healthy
And we support them
In the sunshine
In our homes
Until this storm doth pass



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