Let us not forget. A poem by Ieske Poppers

Sure, do your garden,
Do those jobs around the house
Bake some bread, do some yoga
Watch Netflix on the couch
Hang with family, play games
Appreciate the time

But let us not forget
All those others, who aren’t fine
Homeless children
Have no gardens
No Joe Wicks on TV
no routine means untold damage
For kids with special needs

Men and women with no families
No one there to share a meal
People cooped up in apartments
I wonder how they feel
Lives torn apart by job loss,
Livelihoods that had to close
Mental ill-health and depression
The toll on these, so far, unknown

Yes the birds sing louder now
And yes the skies are clear
And yes those things are lovely
But listen harder and you’ll hear
The cries of those who fear the future
Laments of loneliness and grief
Take some time to realise that
The world is on its knees

Stay the course, they say
Not long now,
But i wonder are they thinking
About those not in the same boat
About the people who are sinking

When we rise above the surface
When the fog begins to lift
Will we find a kinder world
Or will we find ourselves adrift,

Bring it back to self, please do
It makes the days go faster
But don’t forget, for lots of us
This time is a disaster

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