The Perspective. A poem by Jade Crean

In a world so uncertain, filling us with fear,
Normality in the past, people cannot hold their loved ones dear,
Worried about the future, a threat so daunting,
People in isolation, the thought is haunting.
Although it all seems negative, positives pushed aside,
Take time to pray for those who have already died.
Life has many perspectives, change your point of view,
For if your reading this poem, then the lucky one is you.
As long as the sun still rises in the deep ocean above,
Focus on the good, dream of seeing those you love,
The virus is contagious, but the terror spread is worse,
Show gratitude and admiration for the doctor and the nurse.
Don’t forget the shop assistants they are saving us as well,
For the challenges they are facing, surely must be hell.
All those in society who risk their lives each day,
May your compassion and humanity never go astray.
Listen closely, the birds still sing their soft, beautiful songs,
Life is precious, help each other and try to right your wrongs.
There are pictures to paint, toys to be played with and photo books as well,
Family stories and life lessons that only you can tell,
Use this time to reflect and build who you want to be,
For time is precious and valuable, there is no room for greed.
Foresee the children laughing, running on the beach,
It is not only in the schools that people learn and teach,
Help those in need and of the older generation,
Separate to come together and fight this as a nation.


I am a student nurse and living in the magical kingdom of Kerry. I have had a poem published and love writing poetry and short stories as a past-time.

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