The Future and The Corona Effect. Two poems by Gerard Byrne

The Future?

Life may go back to normal,
But minds will stay stuck in the past,
The blame game always growing,
Countries writing a different past.

Togetherness will be forgotten,
As politicians construct other’s fall,
Using the death of thousands,
To justify their seat in the Dail.

The Corona Effect

Closed shops, small minds, no more pubs to unwind,
Empty seats I wander by, the barriers refusing anyone’s attempt to recline,
Sanitisers on the counter, masks upon their face,
A Hollywood movie, wouldn’t be far from this place.

No buildings of sanctuary, no places to go,
The warm spring weather is rising for sure,
Trapped under a lockdown in all but just words,
There’s times I think, we can’t be far from the purge.

Can’t wait till it’s all over, when life gets back online,
Hopefully are deaths, won’t be too bloody high,
Are country will rebuild, things will fall back into place,
And hopefully my loved ones, will join me in that place.

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