A Walk in our World. A poem by Claire Mullan

I saw you yesterday, my seven-month-old beauty
Your lovely gaze through Perspex shield,
Your little hands stretched out to me, in the rain,
Me hiding tears because I could not hold your precious frame.

We walked, silently, a grey walk,
Your young Dad, Ben, beside me, wheeling you
Your questioning face, why, where are we going
Why are we not home with you?

Long years ago, the world caved in like now,
Great grandparents, young, spirited, wiped away
By Black Flu, World War, poverty, to die before their time!
We didn’t think of a repeat performance

We hope we pray, we blame who? Ourselves maybe
We ask forgiveness of our children just now born
Our legacy to them
Their future lives compromised by our lack, our neglect.


Claire Mullan, professional actor, leading player in Irish Theatre, and abroad. One woman performance in three coast -to-coast tours of U.S.A, films, TV, radio and voice overs. Now a great grandmother, in social isolation, swims daily, and will continue when we are let out.

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