The Day After Solstice by Lauren M Foster

After the rain,
we fetch the fish n chips
we didn’t have yesterday,
share them in the car
at Derby Road playing fields.
Then, a stroll round Dishley Pond,
dodging puddles,
and down to the point
where Black Brook meets The Soar.
Fifteen balls, a green pepper,
a plastic cat, several logs and plastic tat
gather behind the grate.
Rob fishes out a blue squeaky ball
and the plastic cat, with a stick.
Polly jumps in. Rob fishes Polly out.
Along comes Jud,
walking the towpath.
We have a socially distanced conversation.
Buster jumps in. Rob fishes Buster out.
We continue
towards Normanton,
towards the setting sun.
Wish The Plough was open for a pint.
Turn back just past the chain bridge.
Willow leaves shimmy
and shimmer at the water’s edge,
sunlight blazes
off the old Astra Zeneca tower.
Clover and chamomile. A lone poppy
bobs its blooded head.
Lauren M Foster is a writer, artist and musician based in Charnwood, Leicestershire. She has been published in The New Luciad, DIY Poets, An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicester and more, and holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Leicester. She performs her work on a regular basis and is the drummer and singer in a garage-punk band, The Cars That Ate Paris.

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