Back to School by Helen Davies

After fifty school days at home,
Teachers will unlock their classroom doors once more,
Only this time it feels very different,
There’s tape all over the floor.

After fifty school days at home,
The students will stroll through the gates just like they did before,
Not really knowing what the day has in store,
But keen to get back to normal once more.

After fifty school days at home,
Some parents will breathe a huge relieved sigh,
As their sons and daughters return to class,
But others will be anxious, fearful and perhaps will cry.

The thoughts of summer holidays are not really on our minds,
Like they usually are at this time,
We’ve learnt that we can’t plan more than a week ahead,
Living in the moment seems the only way instead.

So, good luck to all those returning to school,
For a little bit of normality,
You will be welcomed with socially distanced open arms,
As we, once again, bring together our community.

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