The Coronavirus. A song by Ray Byrne

I was happy at home in me house in Athlone
Watchin’ the news on T.V.
Till there came a man, he was in Wuhan
Said there’s something ye all gotta see
They’ve been eatin’ bats and cats and rats
And now it’s all gone astray
The Coronavirus is over here
And it’s getting’ worse every day

The Coronavirus, Coronavirus
It’s tryin’ to kill you and kill me
So keep your distance and wash your hands well
And one day soon we’ll be free

I was over in Spain on me holidays
Tryin’ to forget about work
Havin’ a break an’ eatin’ me steak
Me hands on me knife and me fork
Till the guards they came in and said Michael Quinn
We’re closin’ everything down
Tell Molly yer wife there get out of that pool
We want ye all out of town

In Italy, in Lombardy, even the Mafia’s scared
So many poor people, this truly is lethal
So terrible you never heard
Pandemics are like this, the doctors in crisis
The hospitals full to the doors
An awful affliction, and what’s the prediction?
‘To get better it has to get worse’

There’s a big shutdown in the County Down
In Galway and Donegal too
In Waterford City or Papua New Guinea
No-one is safe from the flu
Once you’re human the threat is loomin’
There’s nothing a person can do
But keep protected and don’t neglect it
Or else it’s gonna get you

Until our nation gets vaccination
We’ve got to keep this at bay
One thing that’s sure is we’ll find a cure
Sooner or later (we pray)
The priest is wanting his congregation
The builder wanting his crew
A waiting game is what’s in store now
The hospital beds they are few

The schools are closed, the kids at home
Annoying their parents no doubt
Nor can I be in a hostelry
Drinking strong ale or black stout
This deprivation has struck the nation
And who has the right to complain?
We hope our song will help you along
And ease the worry and strain


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