Heroes In Blue, Clapping for Key Workers and other poems by Julie Callaghan

Heroes In Blue

Unprecedented times, the like never seen before
This pandemic has shaken us all to our very core
A whirlwind ripping through our cities and towns
The evil coronavirus wearing its invisible crown
It does not care if you are rich or poor
A Royal, a minister or the boy next door
No matter what age, wealth, colour or creed
Affecting us all, and with devastating speed
We have a war to fight, we need to act fast
A battle mightier than seen in our recent past
We need protection and care for the sick
We need an army, and we need them quick
This call is answered by our heroes in blue
Fighting on the front line for me and for you

Strange times for us all, lock down is rough
Not meeting with family and friends is tough
The schools are shut, pubs and restaurants too
Cinemas and theatres, the gyms and the pools
The shops are closed down, nothing much is sold
Holidays are cancelled, travel plans on hold
No trips to the beach or sunbathing allowed
No picnics by the river or gathering in crowds
We shop for food, keeping a two metre distance
Run errands for neighbours in need of assistance
Staying safe at home, apart from our hour a day
To control the contagion, to keep the virus at bay
We all do this to protect our heroes in blue
Fighting on the front line for me and for you

When the virus is defeated and safely in the past
We will come together, celebrate and party at last
Hug family and loved ones, tell them you care
Be together and cherish the moments you share
Visit the cinema, the theatre or go out to dine
Share a bottle or two! of your favourite wine
Meet a friend for coffee or afternoon tea
Spend a day out, or go on a shopping spree
A new dress and bag and maybe some shoes
Most importantly get that desperate hairdo
Drive to the seashore, just to watch the tide
Lay a blanket by the river in the countryside
We will do this because of our heroes in blue
Fighting on the front line for me and for you

Clapping for Key Workers

Ten weeks on,
clapping for key workers is coming to an end
Clap your hands,
in appreciation, for their dedication we commend

Every person,
old and young, women, men, girls and boys
Clap your hands,
whistle, shout, cheer, together make some noise

At the window,
by the front door, on the step or in the street
Clap your hands,
bang a drum, beep a horn and stamp your feet

Clap for key workers,
one last time, raise the roof, make it extra loud
Thank you,
each and every one, you have made your country proud

Shopping At A Safe Distance

Standing in line, besides my disinfected trolley
In the supermarket car park, under my brolly

Distance shopping, it is the new normal
Two meters apart, so serious and formal

I quickly pick groceries, for others and mine
I queue down the aisle, it’s a very long line

The assistant sits safe, behind a plastic screen
Sprays and hand gel, making everything clean

I miss the old days, browsing at leisure
I remember when, to shop was a pleasure

For now the new normal is how it must be
To keep the virus away from you and from me

The New Normal

Help control the virus on our decent down the peak
Stay alert, the new normal, the keywords of the week

Anticipation grew around the map of our pathway out
confusing news filled us all with disappointing doubt

To mask or not to mask? now there lies a question
still debatable if they provide any medical protection

Return to work when able, keeping a two metre distance
so many new rules and regulations now in existence

Choose a single friend and pick a sport you like to play
go outdoors to exercise, for more than one hour a day

Family, friend or stranger, one, two or in a crowd?
is a chance meeting in the street or town allowed?

Sunbathe in the park, order a Saturday night takeaway
garden centres reopen, a lovely way to spend your day

Take a journey to wherever, however long it may take
there and back in a day, definitely not a weekend break

Once visitors were welcomed to share our heavenly place
now rejected and refused from our haven, our safe space

Strangers judged by photos, posts on Twitter and Facebook
looks can be deceptive, not always as guilty as they look

I am unsure about the future, how normal will our lives be?
for now, this brave new world, seems a little alien to me

The Tale Of The Year 2020

The year twenty twenty, what a story to be told
When nature said enough is enough and put the world on hold
Mother Earth took a break, to revitalise, refresh and renew
Taught us all a valuable lesson, to give respect when it is due
She created the coronavirus, almost impossible to beat
The world paused for a while and considered its defeat

Is it a dream or a nightmare, because there is no in between
Be careful what you wish for, the grass is always green

More time to play with children… but nothing to see or do
No funfair rides, playing in parks or days out at the zoo
Celebrate with loved ones… no gatherings more than two
No hugs and kisses or holding close, saying I love you

Cheap fuel for journeys… only to the supermarket to shop
All holidays and travel plans are temporarily on stop
Time off work to travel… no ships sail or planes fly high
No meals in fancy restaurants or tin foil trays in the sky

More time at home, less at work… Oh how to spend your day
Free time doesn’t come cheap and we all have bills to pay
Food growing lush and plentiful… unpicked crops going to waste
People relying on food banks, leaves a very bitter taste

Be careful what you wish for, the grass is always green
Is it a dream or a nightmare, there must be an in between

To reflect upon a rainbow, there must be sun and rain
It is impossible to feel pleasure, if you can not feel the pain
You have to cross the river, to reach the other side
Endure the sadness of failure, to value the joy of pride

The dark journey through a tunnel, leads you to the light
Always a bright new morning to break the blackest night
This time has come to test us with sadness, loss and pain
And we must work together to find joy and peace again

The tale of twenty twenty and the message it will send
Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end

The Lock Down Bank Holiday

Hooray, the bank holiday is here at last
Like no other we have endured in the past

No fairground rides, no trips to the zoo
No standing in line in a never ending queue

No party in the park, no festival by the sea
No soggy picnic or polystyrene cups of tea

No melted ice cream, no fish and chips
No worrying about a lifetime on those hips

No steam train journeys, no rides on the tram
No endless hours queueing in a traffic jam

No trips the cinema, circus or theatre show
No politely tolerating that strangers elbow

No shopping spree lunch at your favourite place
No car park frenzy for the last remaining space

No mystery tours, no camp site holiday
No map road rage because you lost your way

No holidays abroad, no taking off in a jet
No incessant asking “are we nearly there yet”

Count your blessings, one custom will remain
The weather forecast will be predicting rain

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