The Choice, a poem by Faye Herlihy

It’s getting hard to keep hopes high
The world is dark and full of fear
And we know what we have to lose
The lives of those we hold most dear

But day will come, the sun will rise
And it will end our longest night
When we look back on our worst hour
Will we be sure we’ve done what’s right?

Will we have stood with the frontline
And helped despite the fear we felt
Offered support, an outstretched hand
And look back proud on how we dealt.

Or will we worry for ourselves
And let that fear turn us sour
Cry out ‘what will I lose from this?’
And criticise the ones in power.

Ignore those families in hotels
The nurses tired from endless nights
Forgetting those worse off than us
And stifle thoughts of their plights

Or choose to look outside ourselves
And hear our Nation’s cry
The world is dark, and full of fear
But we will keep hopes high.

By Faye Herlihy (Age 16)
27th March 2020

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