The Best. A piece submitted by Sorcha Murphy

For now I will make the best of
my memories of
squeezing my best friends baby’s cheeks
sipping on pints in Dublin’s best pubs
spilling tattoo ink all over my sitting room floor
at the best of gaffs

I will dream of the best days to come
waking up in a tent in Stradbally after not the best of sleeps
smokey lock-ins in old Irish pubs with the best colleagues I’ve ever had,
thinking what words Joyce would best use to describe days past
Driving out west for what’s set to be the best family reunion yet

I will plan for the best post-quarantine life
I will save for the best holiday
I will journal for the best mindset
and I will squat for the best booty
all for myself

Most importantly,
I will make the best of this situation
because the twenties are still the best decade in history
and your twenties are the best years of your life

I will make all life
the best

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