Bereavement. A reflection by Anne Reid

Coronavirus is like a bereavement . …it too is a loss of life (structure and ways)….at a funeral, everyone is there offering support, ideas…what they will do for the bereaved… its too soon but meant well….then they go back to their own lives…they have to…and weeks later, the bereaved person is left with the handful of true friends and family, who will always be there……at the beginning of lockdown, the ideas were flowing…we will zoom, facetime, live stream theatre, exercise, walk….. ..and then, a couple of weeks go…less enthusiasm. The whats apps become irritating..the idea that if you aren’t learning a language, reading everything in sight…interacting…doing”meaningful things”, becomes. .. stifling …this isn’t a holiday… it’s for the long haul… nothing will ever be the same again. ..and we have to look beyond the”sticking plasters”, to what and who will really sustain, and support us…into the difficult, dark days ahead, of this new existence.. ..and that is the most vital thing.

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