#StayAtHome Sonnet. A poem by Irena Pasvinter

Let’s shut the door and throw away the key
And stay at home, entwined in an embrace
Of tender love and joy that we are free
To bask in sunlight of enamored grace.

The fridge is full, the paper has been stocked,
The masks are ready for the time of need,
Let’s savor every drop of being locked
In spite of ever darkening news feed.

As days go by, enlivened by TV,
By cooking, eating, Netflix, Skype and Zoom,
Still holding hands, we’ll not regret the key,
And love will lead the way through doom and gloom.

With luck we’ll not be at each other’s throats
Before the end of endless lockdown roads.


Irena Pasvinter divides her time between software engineering, endless family duties and writing poetry and fiction. Her stories and poems have appeared in many online and print magazines. Her poem “Psalm 3.14159…” has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Visit Irena here.

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  1. This is wonderful!

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