Show Us. A poem by Cathy Lee

Somehow it’s quieter now
As if there are less sounds in the world, without the noise of you
But I hear the clocks, time is passing
I’m in a room that belongs to you, the kitchenWe are about to bake a treat from your collection
But looking around now, I realise that we are missing a key ingredient
Something so special that it determines the taste entirely, and no alternative will do

I picture you in the garden
I smell the flowers as they follow your direction
You look after them so well, as if they are your own children
You want to watch them bloom, you want to see them become everything they are meant to be
To face the sun and meet their destiny.

Although I know you’re gone, it’s hard to believe when I see you so vividly behind my eyelids
Your welcoming smile is so comforting, it captures your personality completely

I reach out for you
But I cannot complete the desired action.
I’m lost in this
At this difficult time, we realise how vitally we need to experience the sensation of touch

Right now, give me a sixth sense, to replace the important one missing
I think it would help us to be sure, that you’re here with us

Please allow me to believe
In those moments that “might” be you:
The whisper in the wind, the red robin,
the glistening sunlight that’s placed perfectly on your smiling face in one of the many framed photographs

Show us now,
Show us the way forward from here and stay with us on our journey
Together from here and now, until we are all reunited once more
Where there is beauty, flowers, baking and music
In paradise, where you are.

Twitter @cathyleemedia Cathy Lee is a writer and journalist from Wicklow, Ireland who dabbles in poetry from time to time.

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