Pandemic. A Poem by Gemma McNally

The world is in a chaos
My head is in a spin
Everything is changing
And we are all locked in

The shops are all closed
Schools and nurseries too
The play parks are empty
There’s really nothing to do

Meeting family and friends
Has become a thing of the past
We really must hope and pray
This pandemic will not last

Hospital staff keep working
Emergency services too
Retail workers, bin men and cleaners
Without them what would we do?

We must find our silver lining
Amongst the uncertainty
Everyone’s pulling together
There’s a greater sense of community

When this is all over
We will appreciate life much more
Until then, just stay safe
And keep behind closed doors!

Gemma is a wife and mum from Belfast who likes to write short poems from time to time on motherhood, family and life in general.

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  1. Lovely poem Gemma which captures the times we are living in so well.

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