Rage. A poem by Eimear Grace

I hate when my pen runs out of ink
Way much more than you’d actually think
Scraping the page with invisible print
Time to chuck the damn thing in the bin

I hate institutions that display hypocrisy
And the over reliance on modern technology
Those who drive, when they really don’t need to
And look at the footpaths, so full of dog poo

I hate when folk buy more than they need
It’s not precautionary, it’s just plain greed
And idiots who engage in risky behaviour
Annoy me as much as my noisy neighbour

Those who ignore health and safety advice
For their stupidity, we all pay the price
Distance is vital in the supermarket queue
‘Cause if you breathe on me, I’ll breathe on you too

I’ll breathe out fire like an angry dragon
I’ll huff and I’ll puff with all my passion
I’ll send you a minimum of two metres away
Heed those guidelines as of today!

And why is my house constantly untidy?
Despite my best efforts, it always looks messy
I notice my housemates turn a blind eye
When I ask them to help, they refuse to reply

We all live together and we have to survive
I concede they’re only ten, seven and five
But it’s common courtesy to pick up your stuff
I guess I’ll keep nagging and never give up

I can’t even hang out the washing in Spring!
What kind of a country is this we live in?
It’s freezing in March, snowing in April,
Raining in May and all flights are cancelled!

I’m rambling now and inclined to digress
I’ll get back to the point that I wish to address
The thing that enrages me most, I think
Is when my ballpoint pen runs out of ink

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