Quarantime, a poem by Tim Train

Monday is Sunday,
And Tuesday is Sunday,
And Thursday is Sunday, too;
Wednesday is Friday,
Except when it’s Sunday,
And Friday – that’s Sunday, to you.Now Saturday’s Tuesday,
Unless Tuesday is Monday,
Then Saturday’s Sunday as well;
But Tuesday and Monday
Are already Sunday,
Which I’m sure you can already tell.

But now, as to Sunday,
Well, Sunday‘s not Sunday,
No, Sunday‘s not Sunday all day,
Except when it’s Friday
In winter or spring,
And the time is a quarter to May.

Bio & Link
Tim Train is a Melbourne poet. You can buy his book, ‘Hangover Music’, at the conveniently socially-distanced website of Ginninderra Press. Or check or his author page, http://www.facebook.com/thatweirdopoet

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