Pregnant in the Pandemic. A poem by Aoife Reilly

Someday we’ll look back on this, baby.
We won’t laugh about it, but we’ll remember
how you were growing in me at a time
when the earth became a strange and kinder place.
Though they talk of masks and isolation,
don’t listen, this is not for growing ears.
Your work is to dream and swim the womb.
By the time you leave my body,
we’ll be living in a new world
with less pride and more humanity
to welcome you when you arrive, perfectly timed,
with the love pulse working its way
from the cord to the first breath
carrying you into light,
and the medicine you bring
showing me the forge within
to shape my strength in chaos
and birth a paradigm of faith


Aoife Reilly lives in Kinvara, Co. Galway and her debut collection with Doire Press will be published later this year.

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