Bat out of hell. A poem by Margaret G. Kiernan

Foreboding echo pinging

raindrops on the leaking roof

reminder of Amazonian forests, logging

way back

choking hurting

giving back sapiens non-care


Earth has spoken

wet markets dripping blood onto snakes

shedding skin not out of love

the petrie dish fills

with disease from invaded

invading, habitat

biodiverse loss as

humans transmit fear

no spooning hugs in the night.


Many Chinese whispers arrive unwrapped

No silver lining box of all-sorts

Zika, Sars, Mers, , Ebola,and Coronas

of many sizes, mutate evolve unshackle

and ponder the spiteful opportunity

pummelled, thrash recoiled,

like raging gremlins out of Hades hosts

for to-nights, dinner show.


  1. Wow that is powerful Margaret

    1. Thanks, Veronica. It is an angry response to where we find ourselves.
      Stay safe.

  2. A mighty nod to the times that we find ourselves in.

    I found this poem slightly disconcerting, disturbing in its peaceful undertones yet sinister at the same time. It was as though it was progressively taking over and possessing me.

    Really powerful.

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